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Social Media DOWN?

Instagram and Facebook shutting down the other day made me realize the necessity for our sales and main communication platform to not be completely through social media sites. Yes, people had told me to be sure to have a newsletter, but when you’re trying to run a business, you invest more time and energy into the outlets where the people are which happens to be social media. Then social media crashes. In the case that this should ever happen again, I am pouring energy into a couple of different things that will benefit you and me both:1. Newsletter - This newsletter will go straight to your email inbox and will give you access to exclusive giveaways, discounts, etc. 2. “Daily...

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Show Off Those Blooms

Kinda long, but stay with me flower friends. Maybe you’ve already thought about this before but I think it’s the coolest thing ever! This season is so weird. I am surrounded by so much beauty. The summer fields are still exploding with color, yet I am lost in the anticipation of spring blooms. All of which I am so excited for that I can hardly stand it, and that makes me feel bad. I feel guilty for talking so much about the Spring as I’m getting all of the beds ready for planting rather than living here, in the moment, in the beauty that is exploding around me. Then I thought - I think God gave us gardening for this...

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That Fall Armload Pic

Set the timer, click the button and move as fast as I can to get into position. Truly how these shots come into existence (as my phone is propped up against a couple of rocks or whatever else is in the area). Most farmer-florists aim for the armload picks while looking away, but I’m kinda liking the peekaboo behind. 🤩 Seriously though, these flowers...can you even pick a favorite? P.S. Keep scrolling to see the caught off guard peekaboo I actually catch 5000% of the time. Aka the peekaboo isn’t on purpose.  

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