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You've come to the right place to follow a trail and error journey.  The very first flower I wanted to grow as a cut flower was a peony. I had dreams of a Texas Tulip sized operation where people could come cut peonies straight from the field. I LOVE them! In fact, my family and I tried planting a few in the spring of 2020 with no luck. After studying these plants and their growing habits, I know where we might have gone wrong. They enjoy the cold weather, and though various species can grow in zones 3-8, it is not always easy in the warmer climates (we are in zone 7). This is evident by the fact that there are...

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Tulips are always a favorite! It was our goal to find the most unique and loved varieties known to man. We are excited to see how they flourish this season. 11.10.2020 The photo above was taken quickly while we were trying to get all 3000 bulbs in the ground before the sun went down. When planting tulips for cut flowers, place them close together - like eggs in a carton. Here we are, trying out this method for the first time.  11.19.2020 Putting a few more tulips in the ground. ;) 1.8.2021 While scratching the surface, I found this little guy peaking through! I believe this is the first tulip sprout of the season (screaming with excitement) 😍

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