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Planting Time!

Every day just trying to plant more than the day before. Slowly, but surely getting it all in the ground. ☺️P. S. It bothers me too that these lines are not perfectly straight, but it is what it is.

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  10.30.2021 The first baby plants went into the ground in the new high tunnel! 🥰 I’m smiling nonstop now. P.S. Stay tuned to see how these oversized ranunculus do. We may have waited a bit too long to plant them, but I think they’ll do just fine. ❤️

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Beautiful Year, Beautiful Crop

I got to ride with my Poppy today for quite a while. It’s my favorite. Getting to be there, hang out with him, and love this land that is our home - priceless. And it’s a lot of fun this year because the cotton is BEAUTIFUL. Plus, I’m like half farmer too this year. Not saying I don’t have faith that the crop will be like this next year because I completely believe God always provides, but it RAINED this year. Dry-land cotton has not looked like this is 10 YEARS! Last year I tried to make a wreath or two and it was NOTHING LIKE THIS. So if you’re wanting to decorate your home with any cotton, do it...

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