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If you are interested in large installs and exquisite floral work, please fill out the form below noting that. I would love to meet with you to dream up your big day. These events will require a minimum floral budget of $5,000. Otherwise, we would love to help you through one of the affordable options below. 

Here at SkyGardens, we create one-of-a-kind floral arrangements inspired by the seasons. Our aim is to use the most beautiful and unique blooms that come straight from the fields. For that very reason, we are expanding on what we grow each year to better prepare for future weddings and events. It also means that we will use seasonal flowers to make your dreams come true. If you are planning a wedding outside of our flower season (March-October), we would still love to help, but the costs could look a little higher.
We understand how stressful planning your wedding can be. With so many choices, so much conflicting advice, and so little transparency when it comes to the actual costs of things, planning your wedding can quickly go from exciting to downright overwhelming. We like to take the stress out of the flowers.
We’ve streamlined the process of selecting your wedding flowers by offering a limited range of lush, garden- style arrangements made from locally grown blooms, so choosing is easy. We arrange your flowers using the best of what’s growing the week of your wedding in your desired color palette. Our pricing is transparent, so you have the ability to create your own custom flower package while staying within budget.
On the following pages, you will find everything you need to get started. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!



Bulk flowers are for DIY brides who are interested in doing their own flowers. This option consists of buckets of flowers, and that’s all. A super simple option that takes the pressure off of your wallet and puts it on your creativity. Each
bucket is $80 and contains anywhere from 50-75 assorted stems of foliage and flowers. We will do our best to accommodate your color requests, but can not guarantee specific requirements to be met. All flowers for this option are chosen on a strictly seasonally basis dependent on what is blooming. We do not order additional blooms for the bulk flower option. Bulk flowers can only be ordered two weeks prior to the event.


À La Carte Weddings are perfect for couples who love our fresh-from-the-garden style but don’t require large arrangements or on-site set up. This option is ideal for clients who only need personal flowers, centerpieces, and a few focal arrangements. Simply choose the size and quantity of your personal flowers and centerpieces, and describe your color palette. Leave rest to us! All container and compotes are rented and will need to be returned to the farm within 7 days of the event.
Our à la carte option is not well-suited for couples who want very specific flower types, require an in-person consultation or have more complex event design needs.



    1. Lush bridal bouquet $275

    Deluxe garden-inspired bouquet.

    1. Bridesmaids bouquet $115

    Petite version of the bride’s bouquet. 

    1. Petite bridesmaid’s bouquet $75

    Perfect for a toss bouquet, flower girl, or junior bridesmaid. 

    1. Boutonnières $22

    Petite floral accents for the gentlemen.

    1. Corsages wrist $45, pin-on $40

    Wearable floral accents for the ladies. 

    1. Flower crown $115

    Romantic floral halo for the bride or bridesmaids. 

    1. Flower girl crown $55

    Petite floral halo for a child. 

    1. Hair flowers $15

    Individually wired flowers for pinning in hair. 

    1. Silk ribbon treatment, $12 per bouquet

    Flowing, silk ribbon streamers for personal bouquets. 


    1. Floral chair decor $40

    Petite bundles of seasonal blooms that can be attached to chairs to decorate the aisle. 

    1. Statement piece $325

    Large, dramatic arrangement perfect for an escort card table display, or as a pair to frame the front of the ceremony space. Measures 28-32” tall and 20-24” wide. 

    1. Focal arrangement $115

    Lush, medium-sized arrangement great for a guest book table or buffet. Measures 18-20” tall and 12-15” wide. . 

    1. Single-stem bottle collection with flowers - three bottles $30

    Perfect for cocktail tables or to decorate the bar. 

    1. Single-stem bottle collection with flowers - 5 bottles $45

    Ideal for an 8-person table or interspersed with garden centerpieces down a long kings table. 

    1. Petite posy $30

    A sweet little posy perfect for cocktail tables or the lounge. 

    1. Full garden centerpiece $65

    Beautiful garden-style centerpiece perfect for 8-person round table or interspersed with single-stem bottles on a long king’s table.  

    1. Lush garden centerpiece $85

    Lush garden-style centerpiece perfect for 10- person round table or interspersed with singles stems on a long king’s table where a more abundant look is desired. 

    1. Cake flowers $35

    Small bucket of loose flowers to decorate your cake.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price per bucket for your bulk flower option? $80

How many stems come in a bucket for your bulk flower option? 50-85 assorted stems of foliage and flowers

Can I request specific colors for your bulk flower option? Our bulk flower offering is mostly mixed colors. If you have a specific color palette you’d like us to stick to, we will do our absolute best to accommodate.

Can I request specific flowers for your bulk flower option? We will do our best to include your favorite flower types, but can not guarantee a specific one. Our flowers are chosen on a seasonal basis depending on what is currently in bloom. 

What are the next steps to see if you have what I need? We are so excited for you to take the next steps! Please fill out the contact information below and we will reach out to you regarding your options. Include any and all information you can about what you have in mind for your wedding flowers.


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