Heirloom Narcissus

Heirloom Narcissus

Daffodils might be the best investment that we make this year. They are prolific bloomers and are sure to come back annually. We currently have two rows that are about 30 feet full of bulbs. 

11.23.2020 Here is a row of daffodils the day that they were put into the ground. I’m excited to see these guys start to come up in the spring. 

1.8.2021 I scratched the surface today to encourage the sprouts to break through the soil when it is time for them to come up. 


1.15.2021 The snow that covered the ground 5 days ago has mostly melted, uncovering these beauties! First Daffodil sprouts of the season! 

3.5.2021 FIRST FLOWER STEMS!!! They came the day after my birthday - what a gift :)

3.11.2021 While I was out of town, Chloe cut the first of our heirloom narcissus! 

3.11.2021 With many more on the way! :)

3.13.2021 So many beauties ❤️

3.17.2021 The flower that stood in the middle of a wind storm!

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