Irises - at least the ones we have are EXTREMELY HARDY! These were planted in a front flowerbed, but had expanded over the years into the shade - so they were not blooming. I decided one day to move a few of them, and I hope it proves to be one of the best decisions of this fall.

11.21.2020 These tubers were layered under the irises when I really got into the middle of the pile. I am excited to see what they grow into.


11.21.2020 This is a picture of the irises directly after I moved them and planted them in their new location. All I did was dig them up, bring them over, mix a little bone meal into the dirt, and water them well. 

11.27.2020 Shortly after moving the irises, we were rewarded with not one bloom, but two! I think they were just screaming with joy because I moved them into a full sun location. We are looking forward to many more of these come springtime. 

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