These little plants will be prolific bloomers come spring time. While they are cold hardy, ranunculus do not enjoy temperature below 20 degrees for more than a couple of hours at a time. For that reason, we keep them under low tunnels and cover them with frost cloths any time the temperatures get too cold. As you can see, each plant is growing at its own pace right now; however, it will not be long before they are all creating beautiful flowers. They will be among the first flowers to bloom this spring. It’s about time to get excited! :)

Pre-sprouting Ranunculus

10.31.2020 These trays are full of ranunculus right before we planted them. They were being pre-sprouted in these trays for a couple of weeks before we put them in the ground. 

Ranunculus Planting Day

11.1.2020 The photo above was taken the day that our baby ranunculus were put into the ground. 

Low Tunnels at Sunset

12.22.2020 This photo was taken on a calm morning while the tunnels were opened. 

Baby ranunculus plants

12.23.2020 These cute little plants were all at different stages in the growth process, and some are even still below the ground. We are eager to see some major growth take place. 

1.4.2021 I have to be honest - some of our plants look GREAT right now, but some of them don’t look good. I keep thinking that they are just slow and they will eventually catch up, but there are days that I’m afraid they’re on the edge of death. Above are a couple of pictures of how they look right now. 


I am looking forward to the day that I can take some pictures of the blooms. Stay tuned!

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