Standing in the Fire

Standing in the Fire

There is an ancient story that was first told to me when I was a young girl about three men who were thrown into a flaming furnace at the order of the king. A furnace so hot that the guards who threw them in were instantly killed by the heat. These three men believed that their God could and would save them from the flames. He did that very thing. He saved the three men. 

I’ve always thought it was crazy that the God of a million stars knows my name but now I think it’s insane because the God of 40 mph winds with 65 mph gusts can make a flower this pretty despite the wind. This flower (pictured above) stood its ground as the wind raged on for two days straight. I thought I knew my God before I began this journey, and yes. I had an understanding of Him. I knew He would be faithful, that He could create beautiful flowers, but never did I expect to see this. In the middle of the storm; the middle of the fire, He watched as a single flower flourished. There is nothing like His faithfulness, His love, and His creation. 

So, in the beauty, I will praise Him. When the fire comes, I will praise Him. As I pick up the pieces of the damage done after the storm, I will praise His name. 

And sometimes, I may find the most beautiful things while picking up the wreckage surrounding because God is that powerful. 

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