Blank Slate

Blank Slate

Isn’t it crazy that this is where it all starts, and ends for that matter?

Right now I’m planning, and honestly, it fills so full and beautiful, but blank at the same time. Because I can see the full and beautiful in my dreams, but reality is blank (right now).

That’s what a garden is, right? A blank slate. This time of year, it’s a clean slate with so much room for good, but also room for error. I’m excited...and slightly terrified because God does crazy, beautiful things. And I’ve been praying that He does them here. So I want to take a second and share my prayer with you for SkyGardens this year - because you’re a part of this journey too.

Dear God, I pray you allow us (SkyGardens) to share Your creation with the world. To be calm in the storm, light in the darkness, and salt of the earth. May more people come to know You more fully through this garden. And may you protect, challenge, and refine us so that we can bring more people you. Amen.

That’s my “word” for the year. A while prayer. ❤️

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