Show Off Those Blooms

Show Off Those Blooms

Kinda long, but stay with me flower friends. Maybe you’ve already thought about this before but I think it’s the coolest thing ever!

This season is so weird. I am surrounded by so much beauty. The summer fields are still exploding with color, yet I am lost in the anticipation of spring blooms. All of which I am so excited for that I can hardly stand it, and that makes me feel bad. I feel guilty for talking so much about the Spring as I’m getting all of the beds ready for planting rather than living here, in the moment, in the beauty that is exploding around me.

Then I thought - I think God gave us gardening for this reason. It is so exciting. It gives us a way to connect with Him on a whole different level.

Think about it. I have a plant of which I know everything about. I know how many blooms it should have, about how big it should get and exactly what it will look like. And though I’m excited to plant and tend to it throughout the winter (in my case now), I CANNOT WAIT to SHOW OFF THE BLOOMS. GOD DOES THIS WITH US!!! He plants and tends and weeds and trims and deadheads, but when the beautiful blooms come, I’m sure He is SHOUTING from the heavens with excitement. For me and you!

So I am EXCITED for all the blooms that are to come, and I am AMAZED by the beautiful blooms that are within my grasp now. It’s the collision of two stages of life. What a beautiful time!

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