Social Media DOWN?

Social Media DOWN?

Instagram and Facebook shutting down the other day made me realize the necessity for our sales and main communication platform to not be completely through social media sites. Yes, people had told me to be sure to have a newsletter, but when you’re trying to run a business, you invest more time and energy into the outlets where the people are which happens to be social media. Then social media crashes. In the case that this should ever happen again, I am pouring energy into a couple of different things that will benefit you and me both:

1. Newsletter - This newsletter will go straight to your email inbox and will give you access to exclusive giveaways, discounts, etc.

2. “Daily Mail” - This is a section of my website where each post (from socials) will be available to be seen so you know exactly what is going on in our world. I kinda consider it our private little Facebook.

Now this does not mean we are about to abandon social media or devote any less energy here. It is a great outlet for us to connect with you. It does mean we will be prepared in the future should anything ever happen again.

All of this to say, go sign up for our newsletter - we will be doing probably our coolest giveaway yet next week for everyone who signs up!

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