2022 T-Shirt I will praise you in this storm.

2022 T-Shirt I will praise you in this storm.

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Our shirts here at SkyGardens all have meaning to us and are sure to be one of your favorite shirts once it gets to your closet. In fact, it probably won’t be there too often. ;) 

You see, on a day when the wind wouldn’t let up and the dirt was flying, I had prepared. I cut every flower that had the possibility of blooming, but I missed one. So, in the aftermath of a truly nasty day, after the winds subsided, I walked around to see the damage, fully expecting to see just that - damage. This is what I found. A beautiful flower standing tall, wide open, and showing His glory in the most horrific of circumstances (for its little life). 

I will praise You in this storm. I pray all of the time to be like this flower. To stand strong and show the world the light of Jesus in the middle of the storm. To bring joy in the midst of destruction. I hope that’s what this little flower farm is to you. 

So that’s why I love daffodils. Because this one is a constant reminder of the God we serve. 

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